Your free Messenger App

Your free messenger app! Unlimted data transfer – safe, reliable and fast. Hoccer XO is your personal messenger service. Share text, photos, videos, contacts and places. Protecting your privacy is our highest priority. Your messages are protected using end-to-end encryption.

Hoccer XO is more secure than most other messaging services. Even we at Hoccer can not read your messages. Your contacts and phone numbers stay with you. We don't need or want them.

Our Privacy & Security Statement

Gestured controlled content sharing

Share your files between mobile and other computing devices. HOCCER is an app for fast, easy and secure file transfer and data exchange. Share any media or other content instantly between all mobile devices – without any setup.

Use gestures to control the app. “Swipe” between two devices or “throw" and "catch”. Furthermore, with our WebApp you are able to exchange content between your mobile device and your computer.


Move your mobile like throwing a frisbee to share selected content with catchers nearby.


To catch thrown content, raise your mobile quickly from horizontally to vertical position.


In order to share with one person directly, place your mobiles screen to screen and drag the content from one screen to the other mobile.


Hoccer will now automatically "catch" any thrown data if you pull down the handle below the application title bar.


Create a channel to share content with people over a distance. Enter the same channel name and use auto receive.


You can restrict communication to one or more partners. Partners with active end-to-end encryption are marked with a key symbol.