Chatting with Hoccer – how to get started

Hoccer is a safe messenger-app for smartphones and tablets. Learn how to get Hoccer going on your device – step by step.

When opening Hoccer for the first time on your Android or Apple smartphone you will be asked to set up a profile. Pick a name of your choice, no matter if real name, nickname or alias. It’s up to you how to be visible for your contacts. You can even upload a picture, if you like. There are no rules in configuring your individual profile.

Where are my contacts?

Many users have been puzzled when opening Hoccer for the first time: No contacts to be seen anywhere around. Other messenger apps automatically screen your phone for contacts using the same apps, but we dispensed this function on purpose: Hoccer will not scan contacts on your phone at any time, nor will any information be sent and saved on our servers! Only you decide who you want to share “hugs & kisses” with. Your data will not be saved, nor will any information be used for any marketing or analysis purposes.

Invite your contacts

invite QR-CodeHoccer allows you to invite your contacts with ease. Just send a text message, a mail or a QR-Code to your friends. As soon as your invitation has been accepted, the contact will appear in your contacts list. Time to get started.

If you choose “invite via Code” a QR-code will be generated, which can be scanned by the person you’d like to. This is helpful when you’re face to face with your friends. As an alternative, a plain code can be displayed which you can simply pass to your friends to add you. Just tab “Scan code / type in code”, type in the code and you’re connected!

Save your Log-in Data / Migrate your account

Do you want to relocate your account to Hoccer? Or are you planning to move your account from one smartphone to another? Because we don’t save your information on our servers, your Log-In data is
saved on your phone. A description of the necessary steps will follow:

For iOS users:

iOS users can now simply save their Hoccer account via an iTunes back up. Just connect your iDevice to your computer and back up its content. Please note: This only works with the same OS being installed on old and new device.

If you want to save your Log-In data on an external storage, you need to follow these steps. Open Hoccer and your profile. Then tap “edit”. A few options will now be offered to you.

ProfileExport Login Credentials: First, open iTunes on your computer. Open Hoccer on your device and tap on your profile and “edit”. Scroll down and press “export credentials”. You will be asked to pick a strong password. Then connect the device to iTunes and go to the device page. Then select the Apps tab and scroll down to the file sharing section and select Hoccer. In the right hand list you will find the file credentials.json. Drag and drop it to the desktop. Now your log-in data is saved on your computer. For more details, check out Apple’s official description on file sharing between computer and iOS devices here.

Import Login Credentials: To transfer your account information to a new device, you need to connect the new device to iTunes. Select the device and go to the Apps tab again. Select Hoccer in the File Sharing section and drag credentials.json from the desktop to the right hand list. Now launch Hoccer on your new device and go to your profile. Tab edit and press “import credentials” and enter the password you chose at the beginning of this process. Relaunch Hoccer and enjoy.

How to back up from Android devices

export-credentials-PW-ENHow to save your contacts and groups? (chats not included)

1. Go to Settings > Credentials > Export credentials

2. Chose a password

3. A file named credentials.json is saved to the root directory of your SD card. Please connect your mobile device with your PC/Mac and copy this this file on an external drive.

Please note: In case the password gets lost, your account cannot be restored. Even we can’t!

How to create a backup? (including chat histories and attachments) create-backup-PW-EN

1. Go to Settings > Backups > Create Backup

2. Choose a password

3. Choose whether to include attachments

4. A zip file named is saved in the Hoccer/Backups directory of your SD card. Please connect your mobile device with your PC/Mac and copy this file to an external drive.

Please note: Once the password is lost, it’s not possible to restore your account.

Re-store your account – How to import a back-up to Hoccer and re-store your account

To restore your Hoccer account you either need your credentials (to reactivate account including friends & groups) or a Hoccer backup (including account with friends groups as well as chat histories and attachments).

The according files need to be copied to your device’s SD card.

Import Credentials

Copy credentials.json to the root directory of your SD card. 

1. Open Hoccer and go to Settings > Credentials > Import Credentials

2. Enter your password

3. Re-start Hoccer

Restore Backup

A Backup file needs to be placed in the folder Hoccer/Backups of your SD card.


1. Open Hoccer and go to Settings > Backups > Restore Backup

2. Choose the backup you would like to re-store

3. After backup is successfully installed, please click “OK” to restart Hoccer

If you have any questions, please feel free to check our FAQs or contact our support at! We’re always happy about feedback and love to help you out!