Save your data – how to back up your Hoccer account and its chat history on Android devices

Making a backup is pretty useful from time to time. This doesn’t only apply to your computer with all the nice vacay pictures stored on it or the tons of important documents; it also applies to your mobile devices.

Why saving your Hoccer account?

Your Hoccer credentials or messages and attachments are not automatically backed up and only saved on your phone’s or tablet’s memory. In case you lose your device or buy a new one your account data as well as your chat history can only be restored by importing


  • Your Credentials (contacts & groups) or
  • Your Backup (full account including chat histories & attachments)

Exporting your credentials will only be necessary once, since these data don’t change anymore, whereas a regularly backup will be more reasonable, for it changes everyday while you communicate.

Please make sure that you manually save your data every now and then. Hoccer does not store any messages and also your login data only resides on your phone!

How to back up from Android devices

export-credentials-PW-ENHow to save your contacts and groups? (chats not included)

1. Go to Settings > Credentials > Export credentials

2. Chose a password

3. A file named credentials.json is saved to the root directory of your SD card. Please connect your mobile device with your PC/Mac and copy this this file on an external drive.

Please note: In case the password gets lost, your account cannot be restored. Even we can’t!

How to create a backup? (including chat histories and attachments) create-backup-PW-EN

1. Go to Settings > Backups > Create Backup

2. Choose a password

3. Choose whether to include attachments

4. A zip file named is saved in the Hoccer/Backups directory of your SD card. Please connect your mobile device with your PC/Mac and copy this file to an external drive.

Please note: Once the password is lost, it’s not possible to restore your account.

Re-store your account – How to import a back-up to Hoccer and re-store your account

To restore your Hoccer account you either need your credentials (to reactivate account including friends & groups) or a Hoccer backup (including account with friends groups as well as chat histories and attachments).

The according files need to be copied to your device’s SD card.

Import Credentials

Copy credentials.json to the root directory of your SD card. 

1. Open Hoccer and go to Settings > Credentials > Import Credentials

2. Enter your password

3. Re-start Hoccer

Restore Backup

A Backup file needs to be placed in the folder Hoccer/Backups of your SD card.


1. Open Hoccer and go to Settings > Backups > Restore Backup

2. Choose the backup you would like to re-store

3. After backup is successfully installed, please click “OK” to restart Hoccer

Attention: Backups from Android cannot be restored on an iOS device or vice versa.


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