Hoccer Wall goes live!

We’ve first previewed the upcoming Hoccer Wall at the Always-On Festival in Berlin:

As you can see, the Wall simply displays all images which are thrown at the current location. From now on everyone can use this localized zero-conf presentation tool by browsing to wall.hoccer.com. Because this Web App is such a great demonstration of using our Linccing Service, we published the code at GitHub.

We’ve got great feedback after the Always-On Festival: Radio SWR2 aired a german radio feature and the German TV broadcaster Alex Berlin recorded the whole event (to be aired at 9. March 2011, 20:15).

Hoccer 2.0

We have finally released Hoccer 2.0 for Android, iOS and the Web! The look and feel has not changed much but the new Linccer backend improves usability enormously: Handshaking two devices is ultra fast and file up- and download will happen at the same time as can be seen by the progress bars:

Our improved Web App focuses on one-to-one sharing simply with the dragging gesture. If your browser is able to provide location information, then desktop to mobile transfer is a matter of a single click:

M-Days in Frankfurt

The M-Days in Frankfurt have been fun and brought us many interested cooperation partners. Only the evening before the trade show our booth was not crowded.

See our Slide-Deck from Thursday’s talk explaining our Linccer Product:

Javascript API for Linccer

Linccer Enters Public Beta

We are happy to announce public beta status of our cloud service Linccer. With it’s very simple RESTful interface, Linccer enables you to transfer informations between internet devices at hand. There is no special hardware or setup required. We provide SDK’s for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), Android, Java and Ruby. Other platforms and languages will follow.

The service is free of charge right now. So if you are interested in creating a product which uses Hoccer-like device linking, check out our Developer Page and sign up for an API Key.

Always On Festival Berlin

Hoccer will participate at the just announced Always On Festival Berlin at 24. Februrary 2011 in Meistersaal Berlin.

In the future we are “always on”. We are constantly networking with our friends, have full data access on the road to e-mails, corporate data and intelligent knowledge databases, whether on the phone, a tablet computer, on screen or with an e-book Reader.

The always-on-Berlin festival takes this trend to a hype. It elaborates how the mobile Internet will change the life of today and tomorrow and highlights the technological development in economic, cultural and political perspective. In the spirit of a festival together with celebrated actors innovative applications in an entertaining manner will be shown. But some criticism for the digital society are also in rumor.

Hoccer Technology for your own App: Linccer

Hoccer is nice when it comes to spontaneous content transfer between devices at hand. But there are so many other ideas where a location based device connector could provide a superior user experience. So we took the call and extracted the  Linccer API: A simple RESTful Web Service which connects devices through a set of matching meta informations derived from the environment. We are very happy to announce our ongoing private alpha which enables you to use this technique in your own App:

If you are interested in some of the details please contact us and check the slides we presented yesterday at Fraunhofer Web Symposium: