Release: Hoccer XO Version 2.0 for Android and iOS!

Hoccer XO version 2.0 is now available on App Store and Google Play. Please note: If you want to use Hoccer XO as usual, you have to install the new version! Older versions will  no longer be supported by our servers.

Screenshot Nearby

What’s new? First of all: All standard XO-features remain. You can still communicate safely, encrypted, use unlimited data transfer and so on. Hoccer XO is safe and it will be!

New feature: “Nearby-Communication”

We’ve added a brand new feature: “Nearby-Communication”. Using this mode you are able to see all users who reside within a radius up to 250 meters around you and also use XO. You can directly communicate with the users around you: Group or individual chats, without having previously invited the contacts the Hoccer-way. This is especially handy when you are on congresses, barcamps, fairs and other events and want to exchange messages and files spontaneously. If you want to communicate with these peeps outside of this radius, you can add them as a contact as usual.

Those of you who already know  and use our app Hoccer Classic are familiar with gesture control, which only works in the „Nearby“-mode. Just throw and catch data! XO catches thrown data automatically and opens the matching chat. We’ve added this feature to XO now.