Unlimited filesize with Hoccer XO

„File is too large“. How such a simple and short sentence can freak you out! All you wanted to do is to send the video of last nights party or of the presentation being held to someone, but your mail- and messaging-app dies on you.

DatenübertragungHoccer XO does not only save your data from others, it also allows you to send as many data as you like. Other messengers refuse to send attachments larger than i.e. 12 MB, whereas XO allows unlimited filesize! It just doesn’t matter how large your files are. XO doesn’t thwart you, there’s just no limit, always depending on you WIFI- or mobile connection of course.

If you want to treat your mobile data package with care, you can even chose from a given list of down- or upload-limits. You might as well define your own limit, it’s up to you!

Got any questions? We’ll be glad to help you!