Now available: new Hoccer XO version

Now available: new Hoccer XO version

Yay, there’s a new update available, so go to the App Store or Google Play and download the latest version of Hoccer XO now. Note: Due to server-changes, you have to install the new version, if you want to use XO as usual! Older versions will no longer be supported!

What’s new?

Hoccer XO got pimped: the clients are now faster and more stable; the group handling is improved, as well as the transmission of message-status on server and client.

But wait, there’s even more:

Delete MessagesDelete chat histories

We promised to improve it and there you go: you can now delete chat histories in a more comfy way. iOS users can either delete the whole content of their chats or just the ones above the visible area. Android users can only empty their chats completely by now.

Define nicknames for contactsAlias

The latest XO Smartphone messenger comes along with another great new feature. It’s now possible to add aliases to your contacts’ information. If some of your contacts chose a similar profile name, which always leaves you puzzled and you can hardly identify who’s writing, just add an alias of your choice!

Display of transmission status (also in groups)

It’s now possible to follow, if and how many of your counterparts (in single or group chats) received and read your message or downloaded the attachment.

Delivery receipt in the settings

Sometimes you don’t want others to see, if you read a message or downloaded the attachment. That’s why you can deactivate sending delivery receipts easily.

Create a permanent group out of an existing nearby-group (iOS only)

Of course we also improved the nearby mode. There will be just one group displayed, in which all nearby-group chats take place, plus peeps will only be displayed if they are actually active. iOS users can also transfer the nearby group to a regular group, so that you can easily keep up with all your contacts, even when leaving the place you met.

Many users asked us to simplify the way new friends can be added to the own contacts.


We did! Now you can add unknown contacts from a group (normal or nearby). Of course they will have to accept your invitation first. It’s also possible to invite members of a group to a new “normal” one.

So don’t you hesitate, update your Hoccer XO messenger app now! Got any questions? We’ll be glad to help you!