Android Update now available at Google Play Store

A promise is a promise! We gave you our word for it and there you go: we pimped the Android-version! The app now provides the following features:

  • Search option
  • Create a permanent group out of an existing nearby-group
  • Add „nearby“-contacts as friends
  • Improvements concerning the invitation process
  • Delete single messages from chats
  • Take new pics and send them via XO
  • Choose file size for your pics

But there’s more!

Invite people at ease

Remember when you were only able to invite one contact after another? These times are definetly over, because it’s now possible to invite up to 50 contacts simultaneously, via SMS oder e-mail.

Multiple media-upload

One after the other … that’s how had to send pics to your contacts. That’s cumbersome, we know and that’s why we fixed it to make it even easier: Just select and send multiple images at once.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us anytime:

P.S. Of course your settings, after updating XO, will still be there, just the way they were before installing the new version. Just saying. 🙂