Hoccer saves you from waisting your mobile data value

We all have experienced this more than once: You receive a message by your carrier, saying you’ve reached your monthly data limit. Whether you tweet just a picture of that funny thing you saw, post a video on Facebook or just share some of your pictures via Hoccer: Before you even notice, your mobile data value is gone.

Quality and file size settings for pictures and videos

Hoccer does not only protect your privacy but also saves your data limits provided by your carrier. iOS users already know this feature, but it’s new for Android users. Set up the quality and size of your pictures and videos. Just go to the settings and decide for yourself. We provided the app with tons of possibilities to adjust. Furthermore you can define up- and download limits for attachements in mobile usage or WIFI-connected.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with our support team anytime: faq@hoccer.com