Hoccer – the secure Messenger

There comes a time in your life where you realize that you are finally ready to take the next step. We are so very much at this point right now. During the last months we’ve invested a lot of time and work in Hoccer XO. With the help of your constant feedback and your suggestions, we’ve consistently developed XO … The old hands among you will especially know our classic Hoccer app and ask “Will they now finally get back to Hoccer?” The answer is yes and no.

Practice makes perfect

We have been practicing for long enough, now it’s time for a further development. The Hoccer “classic”-users among you will have noticed that the app has moved closer to XO and XO has been extended to many classical Hoccer-features in return. Therefore, there is only a logical step for us to take: We merged the best features of both apps to one: Hoccer – the Messenger is born!


Hoccer – “nearby” data-sharing

In addition to a new look and feel, Hoccer – the Messenger is the perfect symbiosis of the two predecessors. Based on geo-location technology, you can share encrypted data with your contacts, just as you are used to. Just take part in public discussions and connect yourself as easy as never before with people surrounding you. Of course, all the other beloved features remain. With the new messenger you can share photos, videos, your location and your thoughts fast, bug-proof, and without any limit. No matter what you want to share it with your contacts, individual and group chats are transport and end-to-end encrypted with an RSA public key of up to 4096 BIT.

Move y’all

Hoccer users don’t have to move anywhere, because Hoccer – the Messenger comes to your devices as a regular update. Hoccer XO users need to move their account to the new app. Our programmers have developed a very simple way to move your credentials from one app to the other. Read how to relocate your account here. Please note that Hoccer XOs support will be discontinued.

Playing it safe

But beyond that, nothing changes! In addition to the external changes and the new features, one thing won’t ever change for sure: Hoccer – the Messenger treats your privacy as the highest good! Our servers remain in Germany and we remain subject to the high standards of the German Data Protection Act.

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to send it to faq@hoccer.com