Used permissions on Android

Hoccer needs access to:

Icon-Device-and-app-history Device & App History (Retrieve running apps)
Used to help Hoccer XO users to transfer their existing accounts to the new Hoccer app.

Icon Identity Identity
To open the Google Maps view in Hoccer it is necessary to have this permission. Google Maps is solely used when you open a location attachment in Hoccer.

Icon Contacts and Calendar Contacts & Calendar
This permission is used to send an invitation via text message (SMS) or e-mail as well as v-card attachments. All data remains on your device and is not transferred to the Hoccer servers.

Icon Location Location:
Your location is needed only when using the „Nearby“- Mode or sending a location as attachment. Your data is of course end-to-end encrypted, also in nearby mode.

Icon Photo-Media-Files Photos / Media / Files
This permission is used to manage your message attachments (e.g. images, videos, audio). Furthermore the permission is required to access images for your personal avatar upload.

Icon Camera Microphone Camera / Microphone
Your camera is switched on in case you want to scan a QR code to pair with a friend or send an image attachment directly taken from the camera.

Icone Wi-fi connection information Wi-Fi connection information
This permission is used for communication via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Moreover, it regulates up- and download limits in case the user has modified this setting.

Others / More detailed information:

USB Storage icon USB Storage
To save and manage all Hoccer attachments on a SD card.

Accounts / Service configuration Icon Find accounts on device / read Google service configuration
This permission allows to send and display push notifications.

Control vibration Icon Control vibration
Used for incoming push notifications

sleep mode icon Prevent phone from sleeping
Prevents the phone / tablet from sleeping when driven in nearby mode