Report Android-crashes to Hoccer

Hoccer has got a hiccup on your Android device and crashed? This is really annoying and should not happen at all! In such cases, you can now send us your feedback immediately. Just allow crash information to be sent. As always, we won’t compel you to do so: Switch the option on or off anytime. Just go to the settings and decide.

What data is collected?

The HockeySDK for Android collects the following non-personal data:

  • Package name, version code, and version name of your app.
  • Device OEM, device type, and version of the operating system.
  • Timestamp when the crash happened.
  • Exception data like exception message, package, class, file names, and line numbers of the crashed thread

Your cooperation will help us to fix bugs even faster. Thanks for your support!

For any further questions, feel free to contact us at