New Hoccer XO Release for iPhone (1.0.28)

The new version 1.0.28 of Hoccer XO for iOS has just been released.

After the official Launch of Hoccer XO, everybody has been working hard for the last weeks to present this new Update! Hoccer XO now works much faster, due to many bug fixes that mostly influenced the login in procedure. So we were able to improve the handling of bad connections significantly. That means, even if you do not have the best reception, with Hoccer XO you can now send hugs & kisses even faster in form of text messages, photos, videos, … ! Furthermore we have released some new settings for sending photos or videos. You can now easily adjust the image compression quality to have more control about your data coming in and going out. Especially when having a limited data package, you gain more control on your consumption.

Download the updated Hoccer XO and share hugs and kisses even faster than before!