Set up a profile & save log-in data

No painstaking registration, no submission of personal data. Simply pick a name of your choice, no matter if real name, nickname or alias and get started. Your login data is created automatically and saved on your device only.

Please make sure to save your log-in data, so that you can migrate Hoccer easily to a new device. Read how to export and import your credentials in our FAQ.

Invite friends

We don’t want access to your contacts, nor do we want to scan your data. That’s why your contact list is empty the first time you open Hoccer.

Just invite your friends – it’s as simple as this:

  • Generate and give away an Invite Code (type in your friend’s 10-digit invitation code)
  • Show a QR-Code – your friends can scan
  • Send an SMS – accept via hcr link
  • Send an E-mail with – accept via hcr link

Friends made in nearby mode or groups can directly be added as contacts.


After your friend accepted the invitation you can start right away. Your content, no matter if pics, vids or plain text of any size, will be transferred encrypted. Only recipients will be able to read it.

Verify your Contacts

The fingerprint is a control sum of your public encryption key.
For extra security, you can compare this fingerprint with the fingerprint seen in your contact card on your 
 friend’s device and mark it as verified. You will be informed if the verified key changes (iOS).

Expert information: The key id is the SHA256 hash of the public key truncated to 8 bytes 
 (16 digits hex).


Set up a group and invite your friends to it! Every member has to accept the invitation first before participating the group. Data shared within a group is of course safe and encrypted, too.

  1. Click on “+” Button to create a new group.
  2. Name it and chose an avatar if you like.
  3. Invite your friends.
  4. Done. Now your friends need to accept your invitation.


“Nearby” is Hoccer’s spontaneous data sharing feature. You can easily share data with people around you (up to 100 m), without even being connected to them the Hoccer-way. Messages and attachments are of course protected by Hoccer’s usual standards. On top: data can be send and received gesture-controlled.

Security note

When you activate nearby mode, your client sends location data to Hoccer’s servers. This data is encrypted during transportation and will be decrypted and stored on the server until you deactivate nearby mode or disconnect. The location data is processed to temporarily connect you with other Hoccer users close to you with activated Nearby mode.

In Nearby mode you can participate in conversations without actually being friend with these users. Your location data will be deleted from our servers as soon as you leave nearby mode.

The transfer of all texts, pics, videos or other attachment is secured with Hoccer’s end-to-end encryption.

Please note: When exchanging messages in the “All Nearby”-Group a new user can appear in the group at any time and will be able to receive your messages. Make sure to share confidential content only within a “normal” chat.


Having technical woes with Hoccer? Feel free to write us an e-mail anytime: support